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Deliorman – Arena Alternative Map (M&B Warband)

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Deliorman – Arena Alternative Map (M&B Warband)

The scene is called ‘Deliorman’ meaning ‘region of mad forests’. It was a region in Ottoman Empire which was famous with strong wrestlers. Deliorman was an exile region for unruly tribes. Because the region was tough and forefront against enemy invasions from north.

Today it is a region in northeastern Bulgaria stretching over the plateau of the same name. Major cities in the region are Razgrad, Novi Pazar, Pliska and Isperih.

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This multiplayer map has been made alternative to ‘Arena’ scene which is really boring for experienced players after years of playing in the same map.

The scene has approximately the same size with ‘Arena’. It has two spawn area with cover in front of them.

Unlike ‘Arena’ there is no middle protective region which makes cavalries much more effective against fighting infantries in the middle.

There are many trees which can be a good cover for infantries while there is little place where cavalries can cover themselves. So the cavalries are more vulnerable to archers.

While archers has advantage against cavalries with the trees, infantries may cause trouble for archers because they always have a tree to use as a shield.

There is one tree allowing to climb. A good spot if the enemy makes a mistake with not having archers.


Background Of The Scene

There are five main forces here fighting with each other. Locals are people from the towns around who live together with exiled tribes..  Locals and the tribes were really strong friends because they had a common enemy. Savage bandits of Deliorman!

Even in other parts of the world bandit archers of this area are famous. But this is not the most frightening thing about these bandits. There are only few bandit groups which have royal items such as war horses with very thick armors. Many think that these bandits have contact with different kings, and they are working together to weaken the Ottoman Empire.

One day northern invaders has come as expected. Now it was even more difficult for locals to survive because the bandits were not fighting against northern warriors and waiting for locals to become more vulnerable. But there was a suprise..!


Western kings were making plans to have power in that area. And now northern warriors were taking what they always wanted. It was time to move for the armies of great Swadia!

And now it was very difficult for bandits too..! Because they were not only ones who were hiding in wood. Northern invaders were also in deep parts of the forest now to ambush the western knights! And bandits were not able to make any move. When they run, knights were killing them. When they hide, invaders were ambushing them. In each corner of the forest there was another fight!

After long battles all parties were tired. All sides had big casualties in war. Maybe time was to retreat before The Sultan comes with his army. They wouldn’t have a chance one by one against The Sultan!

And one day horse archers come with flaming arrows. Killing every breathing thing! But they were not warriors of The Sultan. They were Mongol Invaders!

Time to fight! Time to run! Time to survive!
Because now it doesn’t matter if you are a bandit makes peasants crying, or a knight hunts huscarls!



Locals: Rodok, Vaegir

Northern Invaders: Nords

Western Invaders: Swadia

Bandits: Sarranid

Mongol Invaders: Khergit








M&B Warband scenes never work without the terrain code!

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